How to keep your Wedding affordable

If you are on a budget you can still enjoy a beautiful wedding. Here are some tips to help you plan a great wedding that is still affordable.

The dress. A wedding dresses usually worn only once in a load is beautiful it often gets relegated to the storage closet after a few years. If you can do without the sentiment, by your dress from a secondhand wedding dress store have it tailored to fit you and resell it afterward. You will have many other good memories and a low wedding dresses very special your memories will not fade but your dress will.

The dinner. Pot luck dinners are not typical wedding fare but they are not unusual either. It doesn't work so well if you have a lot of out-of-town guests coming to your wedding and they cannot cook something and keep it warm the whole time but if your wedding is relatively local you can suggest that you are planning a potluck dinner to help keep costs down and most people will understand and be happy to contribute something delicious.

The car. Instead of renting a limousine consider approaching a local car collector and asking them to drive in your wedding. They may be quite happy to show off their car for next to nothing.

The photographer. A wedding photographer charges exorbitant prices for doing the same service that many other people do. Put an ad in a local paper that you are looking for a photographer for a special occasion and you'll find many low-priced who are still highly talented and qualified will be willing to shoot your wedding for a fraction of the cost… and give you the negatives afterward .

The open bar. An open bar is a dangerous thing to have on any location and particularly so in a wedding. People tend to leave their restraint at the door because the wedding is a "rare celebration" and they may be inclined to drink too much. Drinking can lead to embarrassment for everyone in too much drinking can lead to a high cost bar tab for you. If you still want to offer free drinks, have an attendant give it two or three tickets at the front door that people can cash in for drinks.

The venue. You are affordable wedding can quickly become unaffordable by choosing a high-priced venue for their inception. You may be able to get a volume discount by renting the church for the wedding and the church basement for the reception. And, it will be easier on your out-of-town guests to find or they're going!

A wedding on a budget can still be an enjoyable affair. And by reducing your cost you do not necessarily have to reduce the great time but your special day will be.