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If you can't get to Bora Bora, how about a beautiful budget getaway? Destination weddings have become a popular option as couples look for alternatives to nuptials in metro Chicago.


She’s impatient that they still haven’t wed, and the wine-infused paeans to love provide kindling for their fights.


Weddings are a glorious celebration of the union of two souls where were blessed enough to find one another in this often cold and cruel world. They're also a lightning rod for family drama.


Question: Bit of an introvert here, all tuckered out from wedding season. My friends mainly got married one to three years ago, so we're now on to attending the weddings of my boyfriend's closest friends.


Richard Curtis's partner, Emma Freud, was unimpressed to learn via the Telegraph that he might be planning to marry


Everything about the big fat Indian weddings and their more pompous onscreen versions desis know all too well!


Makhan Lal Meena, an independent parliamentary candidate in northwestern India’s Rajasthan state, has agreed to fund 2,100 weddings as a way of persuading people to vote for him